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“Christians united as one in our diversity

experiencing an overflowing harvest of Souls”


We, as co-laborers in the body of Christ, commit ourselves to be used of God to redeem a lost world unto Jesus, as we unite with one heart to pray across denominations,

cultures & generations, not forsaking our own assembly.

Our trust is in God for the increase of passionate intercessors and that He will reveal Himself to others in response to united prayer.


Brothers and sisters in Christ, are you concerned about the spiritual condition of your city and nation and those who do not know Jesus? Would you like to pray with a group of local Christian men or women who have the same heartfelt concerns? Would you be interested in joining or hosting a Men’s or Women’s Lighthouse of Prayer?



“To be used to glorify God and to advance Christ’s kingdom around the world united in prayer”

advancing christ’s kingdom around the world united in prayer

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