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Womens Prayer Houston

At Lighthouses of Prayer, we believe that by focusing on the customer, all else will follow. That has been our experience in: Womens Prayer Houston.

With our history in this business, you can give us any of your questions, and we will have the answers for you. We strive to build a reputation of superior work and integrity with every client.

We seek to be your first choice. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Lighthouses of Prayer
8023 Vantage Dr. Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone: (866) 325-PRAY

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Focused prayer causes us to pray as a unified body of Christ.

Lighthouses of Prayer

2020 Campaign

By the Spirit of Christ, we will persevere and trust God for the increase of passionate intercessors
and an overflowing harvest of souls.